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Learn French Mousse Cassis

Mousse Cassis FLE (français langue étrangère)

Mousse Cassis FLE is an independent school for French as a foreign language run by Léna Sobek, the teacher herself.

What you will find :

- Small groups of 4 students maximum, 3 for the conversation classes ;

- Lessons in the center of Nice (tram Alsace-Lorraine) ;

- A qualified teacher with over 11 years of experience 
and a Master degree in French as a foreign language and Education Sciences ;

- Levels divided according to the CECR (A1-C2) ;


- 3 types of courses: general courses (A1-C2), specific courses (conversation, ciné-club, etc.) and one-to-one courses ;

- Focus put on quality over quantity with homemade course material (no book required).

We always meet the future students personally before integrating them to the different groups. The purpose is to introduce our work style, estimate your level in the different competences (sociocultural skills, vocabulary richness, grammar mastering, etc.) and answer all your questions. This meeting is free of charges.

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