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Learn French

Mousse Cassis offers differents kinds of French classes, starting with the "classic courses" that are General French classes mixing the learning and training of the communications, grammar, vocabulary and listening skills. The programs are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), starting with the achievement of Beginner Level A1, until the Expert Level C2.


Depending on the level you want to reach in French, you will need a certain amount of hours to learn and process the new knowledge and skills. But beware: the hours needed are indicative: the real time you are going to need depends on your mothertongue, your personal experience, your motivation and the time you are ready to invest, etc. Mousse Cassis classes have a maximum of 4 students, which means we are able to progress faster without damaging the quality of teaching and learning. Quite the contrary, we will be able to have a more dedicated and united group for the time we'll work together.


Nice, located on the French Riviera on the South East of France, is the fifth largest city in France, with nearly 350 000 inhabitants. These inhabitants enjoy the Mediteranean weather with almost 300 days of sun per year and the turquoise blue water of the sea. Enjoy finishing the day by watching the different shades of sunset colours. Every night Nature gives us its show in Nice! Not only Nice, but also the Hinterland is stunningly beautiful and rich in colours. Nice is very close from Italy (less than one hour with the train). But enough said, the rest must be seen by your own eyes and felt by your own heart!! 

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